Beemac Trucking was established in 1984 with two trucks and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. We are a premier trucking and logistics company, providing asset-based trucking, logistics, port, warehousing, and specialized hauling services to customers throughout North America. Our current team brings over 100 years of combined experience in the industry.  We pride ourselves on unmatched service and on the quality of our employees. No one outworks or outperforms Beemac because we believe Relationships Move Loads.

With our company-owned trucks as well as our freight broker service, our trucking company can provide trucking services to meet any customer’s needs. Whether you are an individual buyer who needs one time service or a major industrial shipper needing frequent freight shipping services, we can help.

Natural Gas Fueling Station

Beemac Trucking is heavily immersed in the shale oil and gas industry. As the Marcellus Shale proliferates throughout the region, our company is making rapid developments in constructing our first ever public CNG filling station in Beaver County. Our green projects are impacting both the community and environment in multifaceted ways. Stay here to keep up-to-date with our advancements!

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Natural Gas Fleets

Beemac Trucking cares about the environment and also the people that live in it. With that being said, from an environmental standpoint, our company is pushing to go green in the support of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. We purchased 20 new CNG trucks with 12-liter engines from Volvo in 2013. Not only are we purchasing new CNG trucks, but we are converting some of the current fleet to CNG.

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